Dodged the bullet... kinda

My home, a top-floor condo in a 3-storey building, has polybutylene plumbing. Why do I care? Because my homeowners association wants to yank it out of the walls and replace with something that does not deteriorate under long-term influence of additives found in tap water, like chlorine. Back in the eighties, when love was still free and cocaine cheap, polybutylene was also all the rage. It was nice and flexible, so you could route it more easily, with fewer joints and cutting. Cool, huh?

Well, as I hinted earlier, this piping did not like to be exposed to stuff found in the water, and expressed its dislike by bursting. So the older it gets, the more prone it supposedly gets to said bursting.

Now, the homeowners association to which my home belongs, wants to replace all the plumbing to mitigate risk, and their idea was to ask all of us (owners of 96 units in the HOA) to chip in for the project. $3000, up-front.


That's what I said.

Call me at the end of the month, when I should have some loose change floating around after buying that Lotus Elise I always wanted.

So today our HOA Board had called a meeting, and it became apparent that the majority of homeowners want to part with their three grand just about as much as I do.

So they'll raise the dues instead. 10% per year, for a couple years.


I will probably be long gone from this condo.


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