Most important meal of the day... What?

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I just realized a funny thing: I lost about 3 kilos (about 6.6lbs) by going to my usual routine of NOT having a breakfast every day.

So what's sauce for the goose might not always be sauce for the gander. I always had trouble with the whole concept of eating before fully awake, but since March I was trying it out, because all the fitness coaches and nutrition experts I spoke with or whose articles I read were adamant about how having breakfast "jump-starts" your metabolism in the morning and helps you burn more calories just sitting there at your desk waiting for lunch.

Now, I go to the gym at least three times a week, get in four times on a good week. I watch what i eat like a hawk (mostly) and even tracked my calorie consumption on Spark People. All in all I was in good shape, but then I got tired of forcing food down my throat before noon and suddenly three weeks later I weigh three kilos less.

Yeah, "starvation mode" my ass.

So here's my lesson: listen to your body, not the experts, and you'll end up happier AND healthier.

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