Virginia Autocross Championship, Norfolk, VA

Got back from the Virginia Autocross Championship in Norfolk, VA. I have not seen the final results yet, but here are the two course maps from both days.

Day one, Saturday, was rainy and overcast, and the wind was blowing sea foam and spray onto the course, so as I began to push the car, in the third and fourth runs, I spun.

Here are my results from day one:

  1. 62.645
  2. 56.182
  3. 61.977
  4. 61.761

My best time is equivalent to 48.092 seconds PAX. At the time I ran (in the third heat) the fastest time was 43.741 raw, 37.124 PAX. In the unofficial results printout I was second-to last accordingly.

Day two, Sunday, was different, but hardly better weather-wise. It was sunny and very windy. The wind was pushing the water even further onto the course.

That provided for some amazing photo opportunities like the one to the left, but otherwise was not very helpful. First, the sea slime, foam, and water don't do much for grip. But once you drive through the wet, the tires collect the stuff and even once you make it out into the dry you have to be careful until it scrubs off.

And finally, salt on car's underbody is just an awful thing all in all. So today after work I had a guy use a power spray to wash off the salt.

But I digress. My second day results:

  1. 54.779
  2. 52.122
  3. 51.378
  4. 50.806 (43.490 PAX)

I ran in heat one, so the fastest time of the day would be much better than what I got on the time slip at the time of my last run, but for what it's worth: FTD 41.696, 34.024 PAX.

The event organizers were really nice and they let me take pictures of all runs and let that be my work assignment. So I think I got almost everyone but a few.

I ended up taking well over 1300 pictures, and got home with 935 on my camera. I distributed a bunch of business cards with a link to my site to other competitors at the event, who all seemed to be pleased that someone was taking good pictures, and when I said that I will be asking for $5 per shot, nobody said they thought it was unreasonable.

Last night and tomorrow I will sort through it all and post the best 200 or so on Lulu.com for sale.

I will let the club select 20 shots of their choice for free as a thanks for letting me shoot instead of shagging cones.

So all in all, a great weekend.

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