Another "last" event of the season. Maybe for real.

Turns out, there is one more event left in the season, and I am going to run in it, and if it cost me first-degree frostbite (No, don't click unless you really want to see gangrenous tissue).

Weather forecast for Sunday is sunny, with highs around 10C (49F). I have to remember to wear many many layers, because working the course for almost two hours will not be much fun in conditions like that.

But I wanted to try out the car after getting an alignment, so I have to do it. Plus, it really looks like the last car-related event I will be able to attend this year.

Well, and there is still some tread left in those Hankook RS-2 tires that came with the car. They're in poor shape, due to old age in part, and to lack of alignment, so I am planning to get new all-seasons for street use after this event. Before the first test-and-tune, I'll be getting some stickier performance tires and putting them on a second set of wheels I just bought online.

Think warmly of me on Sunday, willya?

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  1. seems pretty nice out today - gonna go for a hike. you're talking about frostbite? i would've thought you could handle the cold better than that :-)