I can haz speeeeeed plz?

At the tender age of thirty-something I have come into possession of my very first gaming console: a used PlayStation2, that Greg, bless his heart, gave to me.

First thing I did was go to buy a game for it. And of course it had to be Gran Turismo 4.

Since I just bought a new car IRL, one that needs alignment and a front sway bar (stock, my ass), the original plan was to just get the game and play it using the standard PS2 controller. When at the store, my mind was rapidly changed.

So to give you a bit of background, I know a few people who happen to be great drivers who tell me that GT is so realistic you could practice with it for real-life competition. Cool, huh? To do that, you need a realistic controller, and there is one out there that is just perfect, made by Logitec, has a 900-degree force-feedback steering wheel, a shifter, and three floor pedals (clutch, brake, gas). It comes with a nice price tag though. To the tune of $250, depending on where you order it.

So I thought, no harm in looking at one here in the store before dumping serious bucks in it online. Riiiiiiight.

The store did not have any three-pedal racing wheel sets. But they had a two-pedal Logitec one, so I was looking at it, and the nice floor shop assistant asked me if I needed help. I should have said "No, thanks."

Instead, I let him convince me to get this one to try out, because I could return it if I did not like it.

Once home, I got all the cables plugged in and started playing.

Ended up being a straight 4 hours.

And I am still just getting my first in-game license!

I am having real problems with front-wheel drive cars, particularly the heavier, torquier (is this even a word?) ones.

Miata was a real pleasure to drive, and felt familiar, I drove a bunch of extra runs in it even after completing the minimum requirement.


  1. check out http://www.iracing.com/

  2. @jplgsx: "System Requirements:
    # Windows XP or Windows Vista"

    I have a fully Microsoft-free household ;)

    Linux FTW!