More AI phail

Trying to find out what is it that makes Gender Analyzer think certain writing styles are more (fe)male than others, I clicked through to the mother ship of the gizmo: uClassify. They have another similar text analysis tool called oFaust, designed to detect style (and presumably vocabulary) similarities between whatever copy you provide and the prose of famous writers.

My first experiment was to test the tool using the beginning of my previous post. My writing style results were quite flattering indeed, with a 33 percent similarity to the incomparable Mr Wilde.

I got one extra percentage point in similarity using the opening four paragraphs of I can haz speed plz.

Tests with other posts were mostly inconclusive, giving less than 20 percent similarities to a smattering of authors, but Frank Baum came up more than once. I can't claim I ever read a piece by him, so I am not sure I like the comparison. Not a single female writer came up. Whether this is due to under-representation of female writers in the tool's database or again to my oh-so-male writing style, I can't tell.

Just like the Gender Analyzer, there wasn't very much information as to how the results are arrived at, which bugs me, being a confessing geek and all.

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