S2K squared

Had the new yellow car aligned at Hubcap Heaven at lunch. I sat in the car to play the role of the "ballast" and held the brake pedal, while Jim did his magic. He said that the car must have never been aligned since factory, and the measurements confirm that :)

If you know nothing or little about cars and suspension, just look at the before and after values highlight color. Everything that's way out of alignment is red. If you enlarge the picture (click on it), the bracket values are shown in the upper corners of the colored rectangles. Even when within the "green" specifications, all values on the left should be mirrored by the values on the right. No wonder the car was hard to keep stable on Sunday.

Appears that the rear wheels were a bit finnicky to get aligned precisely, and Jim had to fiddle with them a bit to get them just so, but the result is a much more stable, controllable car. I wish there were an autocross to test the change in action, but even in regular street driving I can tell the difference.