Shudda hadda rollbar -- Tarheels non-points autocross 09 Dec 2008

Sunday was potentially the last event of the season for me. I am still undecided about going to a CRR autocross at Carowinds this Sunday. Have a cold, and have been staying home for three days now, so we'll have to see how I feel.

The Tarheels non-points event was one of the most fun if not THE most fun event I have been to so far. Firstly, I was able to run much better times than usual, and I think this is due to my getting over the strong emotional attachment to the car. Instead of being in bottom 20%, where I was all through the season, I drove a 53.0xx time and finished almost in the middle of the pack based on raw time--my proclaimed goal for this season.

I also got to try a bunch of really fun cars, all running R-compound tires: a CS Miata, an AS Solstice, and an AS S2000. The Miata (my first run) felt very close to mine, I am sure it is much better set up than mine, but I did not get a chance to really tell the difference in the one run I took in it.

The Solstice I took on my fourth run, and I honestly don't know what to say. It has a lot of oomph, but still feels a touch disconnected. And wide. It is all subjective, but I felt like it was too much of a car for me to handle at this point.

The S2K--a whole different beast. I took it out on my fifth run, and it felt like a meaner, stiffer Miata, eager to do whatever stupid thing you told it to. And that's how I like it :)

So I am now more confident that this car is the one I want for the next season.

It was a very good way to finish the autocross year, and even if I have to sit out the Carowinds event, I have a good feeling. I think my main goal next year should be to care less about the car, and concentrate on driving it harder. That should help me improve faster.

Plus, with a faster, A-stock car, I will be able to drive better times overall, so I have a lot to look forward to!

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