So close, I could see the ArmorAll on its tires

About an hour ago, I came pretty damn close to losing the new yellow car. And it was neither my fault, nor was it dark, raining, or otherwise bad for driving.

In broad daylight I was heading north on Harrison Avenue, just like shown in the Google Maps screen shot. I had a green light, and had it for a while. I was going pretty much exactly the speed limit of 45 mph (72.42 kmh) in the right lane, ready to turn into the shopping center you can see in the picture. Some crossover SUV and a truck going in the opposite direction made a left turn in front of me, leaving another SUV in the left-turn lane.

I remember clearly how I was thinking as I was approaching the intersection: I'm reaching the point of no return, hope this dumb-ass does not do anything stupid. And at first it looked like it would not. I was pretty much the only car on the road at that point, and the SUV would be able to make its turn after I passed.

As is my habit from driving a near-invisible Miata, I was nevertheless going through escape scenarios in my head as I was moving into the intersection. What if some idiot runs a red light on the cross-street? What if the SUV won't wait to make the turn and runs into me? WAAAAAIT, it actually did decide to make that impossible turn and to fucking t-bone me!

I did some sort of emergency evasive maneuver, because there was no collision even though the stupid fuck in the SUV was skidding into my original path of travel as s/he locked the tires (I thought all cars had ABS now?). Our two cars' front bumpers came within maybe 2 ft distance, and as I was swerving to the right, the idiot's front end must have come as close as a foot away from my driver's door.

I remember one thought flashing up in my mind: Not my new yellow autocross car! Please not my new baby car!

At the point when I cleared the SUV, I was slowed down to probably half the original speed, good 3-4 meters to the right from where my car was initially pointed. I was mad and I honked and screamed something at the SUV which was quite contently puttering away.

I am still shaky from coming this close to a collision. And mad at the shit-head who did this to me. And relieved that nothing bad happened. Also impressed by my new car's handling. I don't think I got to brake into the ABS, but the abrupt swerve did not seem to upset the suspension one bit.

But heck, how on earth do you NOT see a bright yellow car coming straight at you?

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