NASA Triplecross 1: 23 November 2008

So I went to the first event of the NASA Triplecross series, and I gotta tell you all, I am beginning to seriously love my new car.

Just one word: the slaloms. Dude, the slaloms are a blast to run in this baby. Give me more slaloms!

I never much liked slaloms in the past. They weren't my absolute hate element like the 180 turnarounds and sweepers, but they took a lot out of me to get just right. In the S2K, it seemed like I did not have to do much of anything at all. I mean, yes, I have learned something in the year I autocrossed, but this car just walks through the slaloms and lane changes. I would simply tap on the brake just a little to weight the front and sail through the slalom (even a decreasing one!) on steady throttle.

Cold pavement and tires are not very conducive to autocross, so I really had to watch it. I was a little bit too enthusiastic on the "skinny pedal on the right" a couple times again, and the rear end did not fail to oblige with a spin. Hit a few cones with the passenger side of the car in sweepers, which I chalk up to the 7 extra centimeters of width.

We had two heats, two hours each, in which time everyone got to run eight times. Then we had fun runs. I got four. Running often in the fun runs, I was getting a little heat in the tires and the last couple runs there was some grip there. Timing was already turned off during the fun runs, so I have no proof for this, but my feeling was that I must have shed another couple seconds off my best time of 68.591 seconds. Each new run, I was going faster and faster through the slaloms and offsets, and still not getting anywhere close to the limits of the car.

All in all of course, I did not do very well at all, but once again, I was not DFL, so given the new car and all, I am giving myself a little pat on the back and looking forward to the next event, whenever that may be.

For the truly curious among you, here are all yesterday's results:

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  1. I'm glad to see that the alignment allowed you to get the car to respond.