Ten things about cars I don't understand

In no particular order.
  1. Why acquiring large pets or children requires an "upgrade" to an SUV.
  2. What inching forward into an intersection on red light is supposed to effect.
  3. Why 9 times out of 10 the person who was impatiently inching forward while the light was red needs 30 seconds to start moving once the light turns green.
  4. What in the hell is a luxury truck?
  5. Who thinks that front-end bras make cars look stylish or cool.
  6. Why people hit their brakes approaching a perfectly green light.
  7. Why people ride their brakes downhill.
  8. Finally WHY people ride their brakes through a curve.
  9. Am I the only one being driven crazy (and half-deaf) by brake and belt squeaks on other cars?
  10. What's up with all the underinflated tires?


  1. 1. and then they don't even carry the kids and animals in the SUV upgrade

  2. you mean "ten things about car owners" eh?

    well, people are funny.

    SUVs really are more crash-worthy though, so they make a certain kind of sense for overprotective parents. plus parents do have a ton of crap to lug around for their kids.

    still, i'm starting to wonder if my honda accord was more car than i needed... nobody really needs an SUV.

  3. @Luke: I don't know. I have my doubts that sheer size and mass will compensate for design. Just watched this amazing footage of a few roadsters being smashed up for crash testing. If I car without a roof can do that...