Too many sunrises on the road

Road Sunrise
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I am decidedly not a morning person. So if someone told me two years ago that I would spend half my Sundays getting up at or before 6 in the morning, I'd laugh, then turn over and sleep some more.

And I would be wrong!

The year is almost over, and I have just returned home from what could be the last event of the season. All in all, I have run in 20 competitions this year, give or take a couple. I have seen as many sunrises this year alone as probably in the past five years together--and from the wrong side too!

Usually, I'd be seeing the sun rise over the city as I'd be taking a train or a bus back to my Berlin apartment after a night of partying. Rarely I'd be up at an ungodly hour to catch a cab to an airport to travel on business.

But never, never ever did I dream of seeing a sunrise because a hobby--or shall I say "passion"--would make me get up and get on the road while it's still dark.

I got used to seeing the sky get grey at first, with a little orange lacing the horizon in the rearview mirror, then the orange and yellow tones would spread and finally the sun would rise, sending long blue shadows hurrying ahead of my car.

When I began autocrossing, I started out in the bottom three percent of all entrants and slowly worked my way up to bottom 20, and finally bottom 60% last Sunday. It was not always easy, and not entirely linear, sometimes even frustrating to the point where I would question the sanity of my commitment to the sport. Then a breakthrough would come, and I'd be filled with hope and enthusiasm again.

I know I will continue to improve, and I know there will be more throwbacks, like today learning to control a new car, and I also know that there will be many many more sunrises on the road.

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