Two interesting posts on Sociological Images

Despite being one, I don't think it takes a feminist to shudder at the matter-of-factness with which consumer culture is influencing women of all ages to never accept their own bodies and to strive to comply with unachievable female beauty standards. You can't be young enough for indoctrination, as the piggy-bank pictured on the left shows. It is never too early to start thinking about that boob-job, girls.

At the same time, the society gets to decide what it is that female beauty is. When it encounters women who do not try to satisfy these rigorous standards, the reaction is frequently to disparage them for their failure to be aesthetically pleasing to the mainstream male eye.

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  1. while men do judge women on their appearance, and that judgment is fairly universal among us, women take obsessing with appearance to a whole new level. women are so much more critical of appearance of themselves and other women than men are. i think men are largely responding to evolutionary conditioning - but why are women so hard on each other?