What kept me busy last week? Car shopping

In case any of you missed me--I was busy shopping for an S2000.

Yes, with a heavy heart I had to look straight in the face of the economics, and decided to move on. No more CSP Miata for yours truly.

However, plenty more autocross!

The S2000 of my dreams will have a bone-stock setup, be very likely a first-generation (AP1) car, and will provide me with 100 more ponies underhood, stiffer body/chassis, handling similar to a Miata, yet a slightly more favourable PAX (0.842 for A-Stock v. 0.856 for CSP).

So predictably, I am all excited about a new toy, as I am learning new things along the way: How to apply for a car loan (Bonnie car was paid for in cash); how to transfer license plates to a new car; what are the quirks of AP1 cars; how to tell stock Honda S2K components; etc.

I have test driven another car since the last post, but I decided to pass on that one, even though it was in good shape and reasonably priced. Mostly because I would like to take a little more time, plus I really did not like the color. The car came in "Suzuka Blue" which is a really light metallic blue most S2K were ordered in. The majority of the rest are either dark or light metallic grey. There is also the black color, but it makes the edges that define the car's body disappear, making it look a little like an overweight Miata :( Plus it's a bitch to keep clean.

So my remaining choices from the AP1 palette are red, white, and yellow. They are out there, but not as many as the less striking grey, blue, and black ones.

On a semi-unrelated note, there is an autocross this coming Sunday, which will most likely be the last one I take Bonnie car to. I hope to find a good home for the car. She's done well by me.

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