All I want for Christmas... is consumables

I am finding myself slightly dreading the holidays, because I am afraid that the few presents I will get, will be absolutely not what I would want.

When I think about it, any consumable is fine: Liquor, fruit, cheeses or wine. A gift certificate for TireRack or a gas card, that would be great.

Gift certs for department stores or other clothing chains would be okay, even though cars do come first.

Jewelry, nick-knacks, gift certs for Spa or manicure... I seriously would not know what to do with. I don't wear jewelry, consider my home well-decorated in all its minimalist glory, and will die of boredom getting "pampered" for 40 minutes.

Oh well. I think that just in general I am not a holidays person. All this forced passivity, holiday music everywhere, artificial sweetness of people pretending to care more than usual about each other, using consumer items to express this caring... Sigh