And the packing peas shall inherit the earth

When I got home this evening, the wheels have arrived and I could not wait another second to unpack them. They were packed individually, with much care and arrived unscathed. From what I can tell with the naked eye they are round and actually don't show much damage at all. They definitely would be usable for street as well, but this set has higher calling.

While they wait to get clad in sticky rubber, I'm storing them on the balcony in the boxes they arrived in.

Oh yeah, boxes were filled with packing peas, and I ended up with three medium-sized garbage bags like the one in the picture full of them. Will try to give them away on Craigslist.


  1. I give mine to a package store like UPS. They remember me and give me a brake on prices some times.
    You can bring the wheels over to the shop and we can check them for roundness.


  2. @jplgsx: You'll see these wheels soon enough :) January or so, I will be bringing them in to have tires mounted.