Captcha to google?

This is totally weird, and you probably got this as well. I was searching the string "My other car is a Miata" and got a captcha from Google. Two other people in the office did within a few minutes when they searched, too.

That's not nice Google.

Bad, bad usability.


  1. It seems they fixed the problem already, I can't reproduce it anymore.

  2. hey, we faced the same problem a few months back at my university... and Google doesn't help in getting rid of the problem ... it probably occurs in shared networks like a lot of machines behind a single proxy ... and somebody unknowingly run some crawler .. ( in our case some info extraction guy ran a crawler ) ...

  3. I've ssen this issue, the problem is that you're probably behind a 'nat'
    firewall. This makes that every search made in you office seem to come from
    the same computer, this sometimes raises a flag to google, so it start to
    send those captchas.