GT4: Learning curves

When you get a new toy, what do you do first? Research best game strategies on the intarwebs? Neither did I.

So I discovered that I made a few mistakes early on, but I am getting closer to correcting both.

First mistake was to blow all the starter credits the game gave me to buy a used car: It was not enough to buy anything cool, so I ended up with a 1997 NA Miata, which can only beat grocery-getters in Sunday Cup and can't keep up with any serious competition.

Second mistake was to settle for bronze when doing the A and B racing license tests. The prize cars I got were a Lupo, which I promptly sold to upgrade my Miata, and a Pontiac Solstice concept car that can't be priced, and so I am keeping it for just in case. Grrr.

So I was running a bunch of beginner races, and gradually went from using the Miata primarily as a lawnmower, to just occasional agricultural excursions, and finally got good enough to beat most of the competition in the Sunday Cup consistently. That helped me pay for a fully customizable suspension, a race chip, an exhaust upgrade, and some other stuff.

Today I will only need to run for 30-40 minutes to earn the remaining few thousand credits until I can put a turbo on the Miata, and then it should be on par to run in the Spider and Roadster races. Right now, I can't even keep up on a straight with the cars running in those events.

Also, I have three more licenses to earn (iA, iB, and Super-License), and this time, I will not take anything but Gold for an answer :) Wonder what kind of prize car that will get me in the end.

It's encouraging that the very first test I took for the iB license, I passed, and soon got Silver. I only need to shave off 0.015 seconds off my best time to get Gold.

Guess I am learning.

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