Honda is a harsh mistress...

... whom I obey readily and most willingly.

So after taking care of the most pressing needs of the car, like the alignment and oil change, I am moving on to the more fun stuff, that you can even count as an upgrade. The added bonus is, that the parts need to be replaced anyway, so my conscience is clear.

The pads and rotors on the car are worn, so today I have ordered a full set of Carbotech AX6 pads, and new rotors, while I was at it. Got a nice deal, actually, and a 10% discount for being with the Tarheels club.

The guy I spoke to on the phone was really nice and knew his stuff (and then some!), and I had a most pleasant customer experience.

The rear rotors were on back order, so I might have to wait a week or so to actually get the parts. Then I get to learn to do the swap on the new car! Yippee!

Next on the list are all manner of fluid changes: brake, clutch, tranny, and diff, while it's on the lift anyway. Yes, on a lift. I am thinking it's messy enough and some of the fluids are aggressive enough, and ALL of them are hazardous waste, that it's worth it to me to have the local shop do it. I will do my own research and select the fluids I want though. Shopping around for this stuff is most of the fun anyway.

Oh, and why the picture? I just find it über-cool. A cop car that you might as well not even try to run from. lulz


  1. Cool... although I am sure its top speed took a hit with the popo lights on the roof!

  2. @Dashbored: Who knows... They could be super-düper Porsche-Design lights that actually improve handling! ;)

  3. Oh I am sure they can do that and much more, as long as it's super-duper with an umlaut. Without, I am not so sure... :)~

    Weird. I wonder if that's the same group who designed my lacie dvd burner?