I got Christ-rolled

I knew I shouldn't ever trust those big billboards. But curiosity and boredom are powerful motivators.

So I was driving home the other night. Had a bit of a drive and my gaze fell on a billboard with the picture you see on the left and "Unfulfilled.org" on it. I was bored, so I thought a bit about it, and I figured, hey, it may be a dating site or something. Checked it out today, and lo! I got Christ-rolled.

Don't go there unless you want to be, too.


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  2. Thank you, for that...

    Btw, borrowed Wanted from a friend last night. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about your review when I first pressed play. The opening was decently promising. But when the scene transitioned from the frat house to the dude (i can't recall his name - bad sign eh) waking up in his bed, rambling about life and dreams and what's real or not, I thought to myself, holy crap that's a complete rip-off of Matrix! Then I remembered the snippets of words from your post. From then on, the parallelism became painfully obvious. I was a bit disappointed at their explanation (or lack thereof) of the bullet bending trick.

    Although to their credit, I didn't realize the plot twist until the scene where the dude was saved from a bad fall.

    It was awesome when Freeman cursed. A small part of me wanted to laugh, as it was almost out of place for "God", but it was just fun to see him talk like shaft, if only for a split sec. As for Jolie, she had a smaller role than expected. But still, a plus...

    Surround sound was somewhat disappointing. Not talking about how boomy, but the ambiance factor. You know what... I actually forgot how the movie ended just now. That probably summed it up in a nutshell.

    Oh wait... some more brain cells just woke up. The choice of cars was nice! Viper (oh poor viper), old school mustang and the 4th gen Vette? Sweet.

    Here's hoping the makers of those fine automobiles are still with us when Wanted 2: Attack of Freeman's Mummy goes into production.