I got my wish...

The deity of Christmas gifts has heard my plea and this year I did not get much from anybody, but the one present I got I liked.

I got a gift card to West Elm, and the serving set on the right is what I got with it. I got the tall bowl, the large round serving tray, and coasters.

Plus I got a little narrow wooden tray that could hold three candles or something like that. Also dark brown. So it all fits the general color scheme of my place.

Just in time for the party.

Oh yeah, and for the party, I am thinking in addition to karaoke, we can also play GT4 in arcade mode. I'd only need a second racing wheel so we can have people compete against each other. Anyone have one lying around they could bring? I'd prefer it were a Logitec one that has 900 degrees lock-to-lock turning range, so that competition is fair.


  1. I may be able to loan you my wheel.-mf

  2. @rx7sins: Cool! Would you bring it with you to the party? I need a few drivers here so we can have a shootout!

  3. Sorry, I'v been so busy. Saturday the 17th of January?

  4. @rx7sins: Yepp, the 17th, at my place, beginning at 7pm. If you need directions, email me.