Mens sana...

So what's been keeping me sane in absence of autocross lately? Mostly driving around in my roadsters, GT4, working out, watching House on Hulu. And reading.

Ahh yes, books.

So here's what I have been reading:

  • Nietzsche's Also Sprach Zarathustra in an online repository. I think I will make a nice hard-bound collected works a holiday gift to myself. Or maybe will wait till I'm in Berlin to get it.
  • Dostoyevsky's Demons in hard-copy. I brought this and a dozen other books from my trip to Kazakhstan last Summer. Am slowly working my way through them all.
  • Secrets of solo racing by Henry Watts. I read it a couple months ago, and am mostly re-reading select passages when I think about it. Now that I have GT4 to practice the line, it is easier to follow the book. Maybe I should keep the Miata and make it a dedicated track car after all?
  • Philip K. Dick Reader, which I am almost half done with, and which is driving me nuts by its sexist attitudes. Women in these short stories are almost always either cooking, crying, needing help, acting irrationally, or maliciously getting men in trouble. Otherwise quite enjoyable collection of sci-fi.
  • Honda S2000 owner's manual and shop manual.
  • Project 50 by Tom Peters. Which seems to have been very well summarized in "Re-imagine!" so I am mostly scanning through it.

I think that's about it. When I'm done, what do you think should I read next?

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