New Year's Party

I am thinking of throwing a New Year's party at my place this year, and would like to see what the response would be. Please vote below.

Spouses, significant others, friends, and strangers you met at the gas station on the way are all welcome.

You can bring children, but they will have to fend for themselves: Mine is not a childproof household.


  1. sounds like fun, but I think I will still be in Germany.
    All the best. Regina

  2. We'll be in or on our way back from Michigan, otherwise I'd vote a resounding YES!!

    Actually, you should throw it, even if we can't come.

  3. Alright people, you have spoken, either here on the blog or otherwise, and according to your wishes, the party will be pushed to a later date, likely in mid-January. Y'all will hear from me with the details in a couple weeks.

  4. Thanks for the invite Alex, but I've already made new year's plans. Have fun!

  5. karaoke? *ears perk up*

    by then i might have "lips" and could bring my xbox... but then i don't know how seriously hardcore a karaoke crowd you'll really assemble :-)