Night drive

Last night, I went for a gratuitous 1-hour drive after dinner in the yellow car. I took it down old US 1 past Apex.

It was after 8pm, and there was nobody on the road. I took a few fast-ish curves, did a couple "emergency" stops and went from 0-80 after each of them. Man, I love the sound of this car revving to over 8000 RPM.


  1. Man, that's a great stretch. Only problem with it this time of year is the deer - there are a LOT.

    Should have called, I live relatively close to that area, and the stretch up Pittsboro-Moncure road from Old US1 to 15-501 is LOADS of fun.

  2. @kevin: Note the "1-hr" duration ;) LOL. I was trying to get lost on purpose, only turned the GPS on when I decided it was time to go home. So I had no idea where I was... BUT I might just drop by one night if I feel like a long drive again :)