Split personality

December seems to be a tough month to sell a convertible sports car, and so I still have a fleet of two-seaters at my disposal. Every morning I get to pick which one to take to work, and the S frequently wins. However, no matter which car I take, I don't really tend to think about how they are perceived by others, and frolic about like I always do, at least as much as you can frolic on your way to the office.

This morning I was driving the S, and committed two faux pas in less than 10 minutes.

First, I caught up with an NA Miata on a small road in my neighborhood, and followed it for about a mile. I was enjoying following the little roadster and thought nothing of it, but the poor thing pulled over to the right as soon as we got to a 2-lane road and let me zip past. It got into the left lane right after I passed it. Sad. I did not want to bully a fellow Miata driver.

Then, I was driving and thinking about social implications of driving one car or the other, all other things like driving style and road manners being equal. I was deep enough in thought about all this, that I forgot to greet an S2000 driver--something many S owners do.

That made me feel like I was a medium-severity jerk twice in a row.

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