Turbo rocks big time

Today I went and got enough credits for a turbo for my GT4 Miata, and it got my little car up to 304 horsies. I figured, let's try and run one of the Spider/Roadster races in the beginner series, the ones where I could not even keep up on a straight.

Guess what? I managed to keep up quite well indeed. So well, that I discovered that faster races also seem to have nastier drivers.

That's the one aspect of GT that keeps bugging me, and frequently spoiling all the fun: The crash-car game mentality, where everyone seems to be pushing and bumping into each other all the time. As far as I know, most professional racing is nothing like that, and you'd get disqualified pretty quickly if you kept crashing into people and damaging fairly expensive machinery.

Around my third run in the Roadster challenge I was getting used to the extra power and managed to pass 2 cars, but when they caught up with me, they just took turns pushing me and using my car to crash into to slow down in turns. So I ended up off-course and hopelessly behind. That was not nice at all.

That got me mad enough though that I went and won the damn race a few attempts later! That'll teach'em!

Didn't even push too much at all, just passed half of them elegantly (more or less) on the outside in slow turns and the faster two I caught coming out of a long straight into a 90-degree turn.

That won me enough money to get a brake upgrade, and a wing for some downforce, now that my Miata flies.

I am elated over the fact that now I can win races that bring more tangible money prizes and get done with the "Miata project" faster, so I can win even more advanced races and hopefully end up with some serious supercar collection.

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