BarCamp Charlotte

Got home from BarCamp Charlotte a couple hours ago. That was a mixed experience.

It seems the organizers have not had much experience running barcamps, but they figured it out as they went along, and talks began on time.

I pitched a talk on how not to suck at volunteer organizing, and got a slot on the schedule. Six people showed up and we had a nice discussion about running volunteer projects. David Nalley and Greg DeK were there, and that's the shot from my talk you're seeing.

Also listened to the "How to make money online" talk and Greg's OLPC presentation.

It was awesome to meet David in person after having known him from the Fedora Ambassadors group for a number of years.

The three of us had a lunch together at Rock Bottom Brewery and headed back home shortly after that.

Greg rode with me. He now has an amazing new toy: a wireless broadband adapter for his laptop, which allowed him to be online while on the highway, making me extremely jealous.

Speaking of shared rides, here's a picture of the van North Carolina Fedora folks took all the way to the Boston FudCon earlier this month. You will certainly recognize the magnetic signs from their numerous appearances on Bonnie the racing Miata :)

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