Beefing up my garage

Yesterday was a slow day. I slept till noon, recovering after the party. Then I cleaned (or rather had Roomba clean) until four. Drove out to buy a car cover for the S. Watched videos online.

Around eight last night I ran out of videos to watch online and blogs to read, and against better judgment fired up GT.

I thought I would have had enough of racing from the night before, but apparently not. I won a few races in a-spec mode, enough to be able to buy a tuned all-wheel drive turboed VW and some dirt tires for it.

With it, I entered a rally and discovered very quickly that I need to learn to control the 540 or so horsies on dirt. In pursuit of instant gratification, I switched to b-spec mode and went to win a bunch of events with this car.

With that money, I bought a C5 Z06, and won the Vettes series with it, collecting a bunch of credits and winning a mean C3 Corvette race car.

Then it was almost midnight and I went to bed. The quest continues tomorrow.

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  1. if you wish. you can co-drive our toyota corolla sr-5 rally cross car.
    I find Gran Turismo 4, to be somewhat lacking in the rally department. However, Colin Mcrae Rally 3, for ps2.. i find this game to be very accurate on the rally front. Logitech, has a wheel and pedal set. Called the gt3 wheel set.
    expensive, yet very worth it. I rather like audis.