Domo-kun will ride Honda today

Casey gave me a stuffed Domo today when we went out for lunch together. I took Domo with us to the restaurant and sat him next to me at the table. All wait staff were looking at him, and two actually came up and said something.

On the way home, Domo will ride in the passenger seat, strapped in with a seat belt like a big boy.


  1. Thought you would enjoy this video:

  2. @jplgsx: Funny you'd link to a video of Patrese scaring the crap out of his wife on track... I mean, I do drive fast and all, but... I'll just take it as a compliment.

    As a matter of fact, I was at lunch with a coworker yesterday and tried the exact opposite, since a few people from work won't get in the car with me anymore.

    Extremely gradual slow-down and braking IS possible with the performance pads, challenging though it is. On the other hand, slow Buick-like acceleration is not doable. The little Honda's high-strung engine would buck and putter, and embarrass the hell out of me.

    So I said screw this. And drove the rest of the way like I usually do. My passenger did not call me names, so I consider this a success :)