Epic pedal phale

Today was supposed to be a quiet day, but it may turn out to be quieter still.

I got up "early" to get to the Triangle Miata Roadsters monthly club meet at 9:30 at a local Mazda dealership. After the meeting, they headed to a lunch taking some scenic backroads. Since yesterday noon, I was having a cold though, so I thought better of it and went home, planning on a solitary day playing GT.

I ran a few beginner races to get back in shape, did some qualifying laps in a Miata championship, and was not able to qualify for any decent position. The last one in the series is the "Trial Mountain" track, the one I know inside and out from running it in the Roadster and Spider challenge. I fully expected to place better in this one, when I started noticing that my car would not accelerate past 4th gear on a straightaway.

At first I thought this was some sort of an in-game thing made to force you to do maintenance work on the car. I got an oil change, got back on the track and when it was time to launch, the car would not move. At all.

Again, I did not notice the little bar of red showing on the brake indicator, and decided to try my other car, the Sunfire. That too, was sluggish, so I went back to the Miata, and took it to the easiest race I could find, and there again, the car would not accelerate past 90. This is when I noticed the brake was dragging.

I tried driving like that, wiggling the pedal to get it unstuck after every braking maneuver, but the car was uncontrollable and I ended up crashing it into the walls several times.

So I called Amazon and asked for a replacement. Tried racing using the standard controller, but with it, I could not drive anywhere close to the limit.

So I am watching the Matrix now instead.

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  1. You can get arrested in this country for being a pedal phale...

    ...or was that a pedophile...