Gran Turismo & Singstar party

Had the GT4/Singstar party last night. I think it went great. Had more than 20 people there at the height of the party, and the majority, even non-car people ended up racing.

As usual, ended up with twice the amount of beer and wine I started out with in the fridge. Might have another party later to amend that situation.

At about 8:30 I had the eight entries for the first shootout, and the fun started. After the fist couple of races, pretty much everybody was watching and cheering the competitors on.

I was mostly busy running the competition.

After the first GT shootout, we had a brief karaoke intermission, but only three people wanted to sing.

The second GT shootout entries were all filled during the three songs. This time, we had more of the non-car people participate and it was a blast.

I have kicked out the last couple guests around 1:30 am, cleaned up a little and was in bed before 3.

Thank you everybody who came!

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  1. Sorry I could not make it. My wife and I have not been well just laying around the house waiting for the bug to pass.