I can haz moar ponies?

The souped-up Miata in GT4 is paying for itself, and I am well on the way to be able to buy a faster car in-game. True to real life, I have an eye on a Honda S2000.

With a bit of a disappointment I have to admit though, that I have lost some of the skill over the holidays when I did not play GT at all. I played for a few hours and have yet to win a Roadster and Spider challenge again.

Tweaked the suspension a bit, and got the Miata more manageable at high speed, but not much. Racing tires would probably make a lot of difference, but I would rather use the credits to buy a faster car.

In real life, I took the Miata to a self-service car wash today and got her cleaned up a bit inside and out. I think I will put up a few ads again in a week or so, when people will hopefully start preparing for the new season.

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