Is that your password?

BoingBoing published top 500 passwords. Did yours make the list?

Via Consumerist


  1. haha seems like the source demographics was a little skewed toward geeky guys who need to get laid stat.

    Oh wait, I see my current car, my current name, my dream car and my favorite comic beagle on the list... crap.

  2. @Dashbored: So what car do you currently drive?

    Also, what does it say about Honda drivers/fanboys that Honda did not make it to the top 500? Is it so uncool, or are the folks who like Honda so smart? LOL

  3. even my throwaway passwords didn't make the list. i'd have been surprised. but it's a very interesting list. a lot of the entries are not particularly surprising, but some are very "wha??" for instance what's "rosebud" all about? then again maybe that's just some bit of culture i'm ignoring.

  4. @ Luke Meyer: Rosebud is a key word to the "Citizen Cane" movie. I did not like it much, and did not follow it because I got bored, so I could not tell you much more besides it was a powerful memory from the protagonist's childhood.

  5. My current baby is a 13 year old pony car :) Ahh, to be a tween again... actually, not really.

    I didn't even notice Honda's absence. Since I am talking to a s2000 owner, I am gonna pick the smart people like honda answer. But hey, NSX anybody? Can't be that uncool.