Is this the beginning of the end of heel-and-toe?

Maybe I am misinterpreting what the ad for the new Nissan Z implies when it says "world's first synchro-rev match manual transmission." Maybe not.

Even if I am right, I guess there's no point in falsely romanticizing manual transmission and looking down on paddle shifters and fancy stuff like traction control and semi-automatic transmission.

On a positive note, I actually have been practicing heel-and-toe downshifts and am getting a bit better. Not anywhere close to good yet, but hey, maybe I should just start saving up for a Z.


  1. Also beginning of the end:

  2. Yes and then there is the Mistubishi Evolution MR which the professional drivers that have had a crack at it recommend just leaving the automated-manual transmission in automatic mode to achieve the fastest lap times. The Nissan GT-R is much the same.

  3. Next thing, F1 will standardize on one engine... *sigh*

  4. I think there was at least one full page ad in recent car and driver on this. I think ford just okayed a self-parking system for '09 too...

    So when can we get our wall-e anti-gravity chairs?