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So, as you would know, O my faithful reader, my Logitech racing wheel pedals failed. A friend let me borrow his while I wait for the replacements to arrive. He hasn't used them in a while, and once plugged in, they turned out to suffer from the same condition. So either they all fail like that (meaning I will eventually have to ask for a refund and go try other products), or the actual wheel unit into which the pedals plug in is defective. Either way, I will have a new set soon.

In absence of usable driving controls, I decided to try the b-spec mode, where you play the role of a race team manager. You can tell your driver to go anywhere from slow to push as hard as she can, and command her to pass other cars. It took me a couple runs to figure out a few simple strategies that worked out, and with my mediocre driving skill well out of the way, the only thing holding me back was the car.

The S2000 was barely competitive in its stock shape. A shame actually, as I wanted to practice for real-life events with it. I took the Miata, which for the second time turned out to be a true bread-winner. It won the Mazda Roadster cup twice, bringing in a lot of credits and two useless cars that are both front-wheel driven and ugly: a 2005 Mazda Crossover for each win. To compound the ridicule, the cars have no sell value.

The money however turned out to be quite useful. I used it to buy a couple solid upgrades for the Honda and put it into its own races.

With a few tweaks, the S began to win, and soon it won enough money to get every thinkable upgrade in the Honda tuner shop.

So before going to bed, I decided to try it out in driver mode, on a simple track that I know very well, broken brake pedal be damned.

I have only one word for it: Wow.

I did not recognize the car. Since I was looking closely at tire temperatures over the course of many b-spec races and adjusted the suspension to ensure close-to-perfect balance, the car seemed to stick to pavement like a piece of chewing gum on a hot day. The dragging brake slowed me down some, distracted me quite a bit, and totally messed up my input modulation, but I still managed to come in second.

All in all, I can't wait for the replacement wheel and pedals so I can enjoy the newly spiffed-up car.

You know you maxed out your car mods...

  1. when the only two mods left are a Stage 3 engine build and tons of racing tires.
  2. when the races that used to be 50+ a-spec points are now 2.
  3. when you have to evade other cars when starting from the back as to not rear-end them.
  4. when the sounds your car makes in-game are nothing like anything you ever heard in real life.
  5. when in b-spec mode, the car wins virtually every race it's fit to enter.
  6. when in-game the car seems to have developed supernatural traction.

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