Pfinding Pfister: Adventure continues

Using the tools borrowed from the store, I successfully took apart the faucet down to the point you see in the pictures.

At which point I saw that the cartridge seems to be held in place by the winding that held the retaining nut, but could not for the life of me figure out how to remove it without damaging the hardware I was planning to reuse.

To make things more interesting, the cartridge seemed to be a different one from what I had bought, so damaging it seemed like a stupid idea also.

On positive side, now I know the part number "9297" -- the other two are patent numbers and hardly legible. Okay I hope that 9287 is the part number. Leave me my illusions, at least for tonight.

So I cleaned all the parts and assembled the faucet again.

Wednesday is the earliest I can get to Ferguson's and my hope is with the pictures the guys there will be able to help further.

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