Plans for 2009

I got two main financial goals for this year:

  1. Pay off Honda (and sell the Miata)
  2. Cut my spending on meals out, primarily through limiting my lunches out to two a week

Why the sudden concern for spending? Well, the money to pay off the S has to come from somewhere. Plus, this year, I will take autocrossing to the next level, and that means at least two, maybe three sets of new performance (street) tires at $800 each, and at least one driving school at $400 or so. That in addition to the estimated $3000 autocross has cost me in 2008.

A slightly related goal: In a few years, I would love to live in a loft over a three-car garage with a lift. Oh yeah, and have at least two of the three slots filled with exciting cars at all times!


  1. How about trying at least one HPDE track event?

  2. @jplgsx: Heh, I have to work hard NOT to succumb to the temptation to do track... One expensive hobby at a time. :)

    Mostly, I want to become good at autocross before I get into a new sport that I can suck at. LOL