Pretty bleak for a bright palace

Had lunch with a bunch of co-workers at the Bright Palace last week, and even after several days' worth of cool-down can't help but share the bleak experience we had there.

When we arrived, they were out of all specialty drinks, including the bubble teas, which was quite a disappointment to a few bubble-tea addicts among us, particularly the non-vegetarians for whom this would have been the highlight of the meal.

Then they were out of miso soup, so Casey had to have the corn soup. The soup was not bad, but how on earth do you run out of miso soup? If I can whip up some miso soup in 3 minutes, a restaurant should be able to do so as well, right?

Then the food took like 45 minutes to arrive. And because we were using the alphanumeric codes and not proper names to order food (like LC6 and LB3), my order came our one letter off, and a whole world away from what I wanted.

I said that I'll have it anyway, because I did not want to wait another 45 minutes to get the right dish, but I must have not been very convincing, and the server carried the curry potatoes away.

My food arrived when most people were more than half done with their lunches, and I had to hurry up to finish so they did not have to wait.

To reward me for all this, my carnivorous stomach did not like the spicy veggie food, and retaliated with a mild heartburn.

I will not be returning to the Bright Palace willingly.

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