The story of stuff

Just finished watching this video: The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard. Pretty cool, actually, although I need no convincing in this matter.

I have discovered that consumerism isn't for me because I felt claustrophobic in spaces filled with stuff and wanted to live in a space full of air and light.

One of my favourite quotes by Andy Warhol (my hero) is

To be really rich, I believe, is to have one space. One big empty space. I really believe in empty spaces, although, as an artist, I make a lot of junk. Empty space is never-wasted space.

That sounds ironic of course, coming from the same guy who was a compulsive shopper and left a whole mansion-full of stuff after himself. Some of it never even taken out of the bag it came from the store in.

But I digress.

Anyway, go watch the video if you care.