Told ya!

God, it feels so good to be confirmed in your biased resentments!

Thank you AAA Go! Magazine!

In its current issue it has an article about the perceived "trade-off" between vehicle size and its safety. In case any of you doubted that SUVs are not any safer than cars (or even worse), here's from the horse's mouth:

When you consider "combined risk"—not only to SUV occupants but also to occupants of other vehicles involved in SUV crashes with — researchers found most cars are in fact safer than the average SUV.

And further:

As predicted by physics, increased weight increases the risk of death and fuel consumption.

Now if only all the people who buy SUVs for "protection" went and got an actual car! I'd consider the world a much better place immediately.

If you want to read the full article, the AAA site will ask you for a Carolinas' postal code. No registration is required.


  1. uh-huh :-)

    of course, it won't make much difference... i suspect the real reasons for buying SUVs are (1) people like to look down on others and (2) they expect to have a lot of crap to carry around. and maybe, just maybe (3) they like to think it will help them in their next experience with a snowstorm or off-road driving.

    would be interesting for someone to scientifically get to the bottom of this choice (a la "predictably irrational").

  2. I didn't get mine for safety reasons. I got mine because of ease of access. Tendinitis in both knees has made it nearly impossible to get out of most vehicles without extreme pain. And driving a hybrid saturn, i'm still getting about 30 miles to the gallon.

  3. @tekay: I agree, there are people who need SUVs, just like there are people who need pick-up trucks. And I have no problem with people using this type of vehicle when it is needed. Taking your F250 to your white-collar office job five times a week is a little different though.

    My problem is with people who wrap themselves into tons and tons of steel and drive like they own the road, being inconsiderate and frequently dangerous. They are the reason for the "arms race" of who's got the most massive vehicle on the road.

    I am also very very very much against parents going "Oh, my 18-year-old does not yet have enough driving experience and skill, so I'll just buy them an Explorer, so that when they drive into you, they will survive, and you will not stand a chance of hurtin' my baby!" Working on a university campus, I see tons of these clueless kids in huge SUVs and have come to expect the stupidest things from them. Even still, they sometimes surprise me :)

    I suggest a different solution to this: The exact opposite. Say for the first 3 years of a young driver's license, limit their vehicle weight to say 2500 lbs. Have them drive something like a Miata, and they will learn to be considerate and aware on the road in a hurry!