EU Parliament deliberates copyright extension

Watch the video for a video explanation of who will really benefit from the copyright extension to 90 years. Spoiler: It's the music industry! Anyone surprised?

Via Jamendo blog


  1. The music industry and the poor movies industry (Disney).

  2. I think I'd be okay with the artists getting most of the additional revenue, not fight over 10%. Of course, his source for that pie chart may not be 100% reliable. But it's probably closer to the truth than say, 10% going to the record labels.

    The pirate bay lawsuit going on now should be fun to watch. I heard some charges were already dropped. Didn't an ex-EMI director or some high up suit recently declared that fighting piracy is pointless? I wouldn't put it that extreme. But he raises an interesting point - maybe it is? I do believe there are still some pirates that we need to fight. But if you look at it in evolutionary terms, maybe our society really has evolved past the greedy record label system. The labels might as well be the dinosaurs, and file sharing the big ass meteor.

    Oh man, I actually like dinosaurs... maybe dodo?