Ferrari for 20 quid

Flew to Berlin today and saw two gorgeous cars on display at Heathrow while changing planes: a Ferrari F430 and an Audi R8.

Both rear-engined with a beautiful view of the powerplant through the rear window.

I spent some time drooling over the cars, and had there been no security guys present, would have tried to take a peek underneath them as well.

The cars were there to advertise for some lottery, costing 20 pounds per ticket. Hazed as my mind was after a 7.5 hour red-eye flight, I figured I should not waste the money.

I spent as much time as I could without risking to miss my flight drooling over the two. The F430's brakes looked unused. Looking at the massive brakes and grippy tires, I could not help but wonder what a test drive in one of these would be like.

For cars as striking as these, I found they looked remarkably similar.

Had I to pick between the two, I probably would have gone with the Audi.

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