It's not you, it's me...

Yesterday I discovered that the FCC has finally forced telephone companies to un-bundle DSL from land-line phone service, and now you can simply order the so-called "dry-loop" DSL from your local provider, where available.

So I am contemplating switching from RoadRunner that TimeWarner offers for $49.99 to a less expensive DSL service by AT&T, since all I use my internet connection for is emailing, blogging, some Skyping, and very few music downloads.

The RoadRunner package that I pay for boasts "up to" 7 MBps, but frankly, I don't always seem to get that. Plus, TimeWarner made it a habit to drop my connection every once in a while, requiring me to physically restart their dumb router that's not smart enough to request a new IP once it loses the old one.

Anyways, will have to think this through over the next days.

Any of you my gentle readers, have experience with AT&T DSL service?

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