Learning about VTEC

My brain mostly got over the double time zone change in ten days' time, and I was able to sleep until eight today.

Got up, had a light breakfast, worked out for about 45 minutes. Called my parents in Berlin. Had lunch, reading up on how exactly the VTEC technology works in a Honda.

It seems, that the VTEC mode is triggered by a combination of RPMs, oil pressure, engine load, and who knows what else. I was not able to find that part yet.

Instead, I found a nice animated demo of what happens when VTEC kicks in.

Plus, my co-driver found a page on a Honda site explaining the basic principles of VTEC. I liked that one too.

In the afternoon, I finally broke down and went to buy a new battery for the Miata. I was getting increasingly annoyed by the old battery's inability to hold charge over more than a few hours' time. Now I have two perfectly predictable cars, which will both start and run when needed.

When I got home, I procrastinated for a while before swapping the Honda into its competition tires for next Sunday. Yes, I know it's more than a week away, but I might not get a chance to do this before that time, so I thought better safe than sorry.

Now that the Miata has no trouble starting, I can drive it whenever it rains this week, and take the S out in the dry.

Oh yeah, next Sunday is the first event of the season for me and my yellow beast, but it's still not clear which we'll be going to: The test-and-tune that my club is running doesn't yet have a critical mass of pre-registrations, and there are two other events happening on the same day, but most likely, I'll be going to the Triad one, if Tarheels cancel.

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