Lost my cell

So, I lost my cell phone in Berlin. Pretty sure I know where--must have been in the taxi on the way home from a restaurant where I had a few cocktails with my friends.

I could not reach the cab company by phone, and gave up after a bit. That was actually a strategic decision.

I only had eight full days in Berlin, and every hour was precious. I chose not to waste any of these hours hunting after a phone that may or may not have been found by the cabbie, and could have well been picked up by his next fare.

I locked that SIM instead and made an insurance claim. My new phone and SIM were waiting for me at the office when I got back to NC.

So, the moral of this story is: If you believe I should have your phone number, please email it to me, or text me with your name.



  1. Man, I hope that picture was digitally created.

  2. Heh, it's probably real. I found this pic on the intarwebs, but there are lots of people out there stretching out their earlobes to various degrees.