Farewell my Bonnie car

I feel like a traitor tonight, having come back from Happy Jap's where Rex has attested Bonnie's excellent health and I shook hands on a sale with a guy from Chapel Hill.

He seems to want to take good care of her, but my heart sinks each time I remember that I will no longer be there to make sure the first car I ever owned, and the one that got me into motorsports, will be okay.

Stepping back for a moment, parallels to me three years ago are amazing. The dude, just like me when I was buying the car, has only the learners driving permit, he's from outside the US, and it will be his first car. He genuinely seems to want to learn about cars and to take good care of Bonnie.

Who knows, maybe it's Bonnie's karma (car-ma?) to convert absolute n00bs into gearheads. She sure succeeded with me.

God I will miss this car.

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