Gee, where did half this woman's back go?

Okay, I'm all for artistic freedom and stuff, but commercial art that borders on soft porn does not qualify. Where the hell did half of this woman's back go, and why on earth does her otherwise fairly anatomically correct body lack any indication of an ass? How come her rump is resembling a python, and most importantly, if she's so damn thin, how did she grow these boobs?

Anyway, saw this on some site and wanted to rant.

Okay, so I couldn't help it, or maybe I'm just bored--went and edited the picture. Still can't stand the cheap lolita pose she's cutting though. But that is a matter of taste. At least she doesn't look like her midsection is about to collapse any second anymore.

Looking at the two side by side I noticed that GIMP did not do a very good job preserving the quality of the image. I did not do any color correction, just drew the missing chunk of her back and buttocks, and removed the remnants of the advertising slogan from her left wrist.

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  1. sarah's about those dimensions :-) it's not clear how she manages to stay skinny but she does...

    you notice her back is funky but say nothing about the way her shoulders jut out from her neck?

    computer-generated has a ways to go yet...