2009: DSL Odissey continues

I am writing this from a Panera Bread location close by my house. Why? Because of my gullibility.

What made me believe AT&T's claim that they can have me surfing away at 3.0 MBps in two business days?

My TWC account was disabled last Thursday, as requested. The AT&T DSL won't happen until Wednesday (if they deliver as they promised).

I was traveling from Friday till last night, so it's not as bad as it could have been, and this is the first instance where I have to go out of my way to get online. When the work week begins, I will also be in relatively good shape, having all the intartubes I can possibly want during the day, and playing GT at night.


  1. So why the ISP change? I'm hating TWC right now myself, but I like the promise of +6MBS at least.

  2. The "up to..." promise was not really working out for me, I was getting much less bandwidth at times. In general, I don't like TWC, and thought I'd keep them on their toes by actually switching, not merely threatening to. That I have done a few times already :)