Novice school done! Ready for autocross!

Today was novice school. If you remember, I am co-chairing both today's school and tomorrow's autocross. And both days we were setting up in the pouring rain!

The school went great, I think. We had a good turnout, and managed to find an instructor for everybody, even though a few instructors dropped out and a couple extra students showed up.

I was instructing, too, trying to remember what helped me at the SoloPro school last Saturday.

Instructing was fun, and I think I was able to teach both my students something they can use in the future. The guy in the S2000 I was instructing got much faster and had a really good attitude about learning new things. He would try whatever I suggested, and see for himself whether it worked for him or not.

Throughout the day it was mostly dry. The day started foggy, then got clear, and towards the end of the day it started pouring again. We got soaking wet changing the course for tomorrow, the actual autocross.

So far we did not have any ego clashes or incidents, everybody's really trying to be nice and helpful.

Another perk is, that I got to test-drive the courses during setup yesterday and today (not at full speed, since that would not be fair to others), but it's fun anyway.

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