Open source car design FTW!

Got to love this. This may not be the first open source car design project, but this one made it to the Geneva Motor Show. I really like the driver-configurable (O)LEDs and independent electric motors driving the wheels to maximize the interior. Also gotta say, the car looks pretty cool.

Via Autoblog.


  1. The other cool open source-y car thing is Local Motors (http://www.local-motors.com). The guy who started it is from around here and I've seen him talk a time or two about the company.

  2. @Jeremy: Thanks for the link. This company sounds interesting. Definitely more agile and lightweight than the ailing giants of Detroit. $50K sounds like a bit much, but they promise something close to a supercar, so it might be worth it.

    They don't seem to have a clear idea of open source though...

    Quote: "On top of that we will layer design from our proprietary open source design community."

    Source: http://www.local-motors.com/static.php?p=what_is_local_motors

  3. Cool stuff. I like the idea of expanding car-to-car communication. The limited repertoire we current have (blinkers, brake/headlights, flashing brights, the finger, flashing brights with the finger) can lead to misunderstandings.

    I guess for now, I'll have to stick with hanging Xmas lights on my rear window to say "Please back the fuck off, you're blinding me with your mighty macho lights, thank you".

    Yeah, too wordy. Maybe just the outline of the finger then.